It must be the food!

Our dog, Maggie, is part Rottweiler and Shepherd. She is now 14 1/2 years old. She has perfect hearing, eyesight and her gums and teeth are in really good shape. Her coat is still shiny. She looks like a 9 year old dog. We attribute her healthy long life to HealthyPet.Solutions Chicken and Rice dog food. When she was a puppy she was on a grocery store brand and developed vaginitis from a wheat/corn allergy. HealthyPet.Solutions was recommended and she has been on it ever since.

Thank you HealthyPet.Solutions. Maggie is a very important part of our family.




So Impresssed!

I started using your L-lysine & cranberry and after 2 weeks I have noticed that the runny brown eye staining is now solid pieces that can be removed daily. The consistency in the eye discharge has changed making the eye staining a non issue. I am so impressed as most products that do this have an antibiotic that you can’t use long-term.

I am so excited to finally find a product that actually works. Many tote that they do but in reality they don’t or can’t be used long-term.

I have now started using it on my other dogs and even after 2 days are seeing a difference. Now I have to see if Global Pet Foods carries it.

I want to try your puppy boosting product. I have 2 litters at the moment and one that will start eating solids within the week.




Happy Customer

Hello! I wanted to share with those at HealthyPet.Solutionss that I am extremely happy with their dog food. I have two Labrador Retrievers that I make sure to research all and any products that I give them. We have been using the HealthyPet.Solutions for the last several months and I noticed a big improvement in my dogs appetite (never a piece left), their energy level and their coat. I wanted to make sure those at HealthyPet.Solutions that I am a happy customer who will continue to do so!

Crystal MacDonald ,
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada



C+mplete Works Wonders!

Here are the before and after photos of Carly, my 8-year old Bichon Frise. Her hair began thinning on her sides in winter 2008, when she was only 3.5 years old. After all the requisite tests came up negative, the dermatologist off-handedly suggested it might be “seasonal flank alopecia” and gave no remedy. Searching on the Internet I found a suggestion of melatonin, which I never tried. Each winter there was more thinning, with less and less growing back in the summer. Then she got some flea bites last fall and had an allergic reaction, prompting the hair loss you see in the 2012 photos. So glad I found C+mplete! The current photo attests to her healthy coat... and she’s stopped obsessively licking her paws! I love what C+mplete has done for the health of my dog’s coat, and would like to recommend it.

Cindy Thomas
San Diego, CA



Appreciate your great products

I am very pleased with your products & hope to change his food from Iams prescription diet to one your foods. I believe my vet is coming around to my addition with pre & probiotic & now the C+mplete. Thanks for providing such high quality products. The next time your reps are in Pittsburgh I would love to meet them & also suggest they meet with Dr. Cangin across the Street from Petagogy - East End Vets. I only wish I had found your company 3 - 4 yrs ago with my female sheltie. Keep up the great work!!!

Mary Nolan ,
Pittsburgh, PA, USA




For several months my 7 year old Golden Retriever was having skin/ and severe digestive issues and we were at our wits end, trying everything possible to alleviate her symptoms. We tried what seemed to be everything from home remedies, creams, veterinarian suggestions- nothing seemed to be helping, that is until we switched her food (which was a fairly high priced grocery store brand) to HealthyPet.Solutions and magically her symptoms gradually disappeared one by one, day by day we were beginning to get our loving, playful dog back- we were ecstatic! Thank you thank you if our dog could actually talk she'd thank you herself! We will never have another kind of dog food in our house and tell our story to as many people who will listen :) you literally gave our dog added years to her life, I am sure! Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Thank you,
Tabatha and Kelley :)



Vanectyl-p no longer needed!

I want to sincerely thank you. We adopted our greyhound Eleanor one year ago, and for the first three months we battled her rashes and allergic reactions with all we had. It was exhausting not knowing what to feed and having no results. She was prescribed Vanectyl-p to help. While it did provide some relief it was not the answer to flood her with drugs. Later we had allergy testing done to find 21 food and environmental positives. During many tours of pet food stores sourcing foods that meet her needs I came across your C+mplete and used it as a nutritional supplement where I decided to home cook. We noticed that we no longer needed to use the drug. I thought it was my food until I ran out of your product. Her reactions returned and made us see how little effect the drug had. I bought more C+mplete and the rash left. This cycle has repeated 3 times. Proving to me that your product is amazing!

Thank you from Jim Simpson and Eleanor.



Hello HealthyPet.Solutions

I was in your Pet Wise store on Tecumseh for the first time March 22nd, 2012 and bought 2 bottles of the HealthyPet.Solutions Probiotic Digestive Aid. I told had Linda about our 15 month old Great Dane (Bubba) and the worst diarrhea I had ever seen with a dog( we have had a total 5 of 5 Great Danes over the years so I am familiar with the breed). Bubba’s loose stools began in mid-January quickly developing into diarrhea within days, we had tried mixing rice in with his dog food to plug him up and the diarrhea just kept getting worse. We changed his diet to rice and hamburger and still no luck within 2 weeks from the initial loose stool he was in shooting diarrhea.

Bubba had already been to the Vet and been tested for worms and Giardia. Both of those tests came back negative. We had done as the Vet suggested and tried Pepto-Bismol which just made him vomit like crazy. We decreased the amount Pepto-Bismol we gave him down to 1/3 of what the Vet suggested and he still got sick. We had put him on a cottage cheese diet as the VET suggested and he still had severe diarrhea. My wife mixed 2 teaspoons of the Pepto-Bismol into the cottage cheese and he still vomited. Meanwhile he was still losing weight and the diarrhea was the worst I have ever seen. We were now over 5 weeks of diarrhea, his ribs were showing, vertebrae in his back were starting to show, I figure he had lost over 30 pounds.

I was not prepared to have Bubba treated like a guinea pig by having him have to go through blood tests and x-rays and possible exploratory surgery when the Vet had no idea what the problem was. I started researching on the internet and determined he needed probiotics. I did not want just to buy whatever was sold as there are a lot of probiotics that do not provide the necessary probiotics.

I started phoning Pet Stores in Windsor (listed under the letter P) Pet Wise Pet Supplies was the last on the list and the only store that sold probiotics. Not only did Pet Wise carry what sounded like a decent probiotic but Linda gave the telephone number to the manufacturing company where I was able to speak with Katrina. Katrina emailed me information and shortly thereafter we went into Pet Wise and bought 2 bottles of the HealthyPet.Solutions Probiotic Digestive Aid.

I mixed a teaspoon of the HealthyPet.Solutions Probiotics in with cottage cheese the first time around 4 PM March 22nd and a second teaspoon in cottage cheese and a bit of dog food mixed around 8 PM in the evening. Bubba had his first poop with wee bit of shape around 9 PM on the 22nd. I work from home so am able to be with Bubba 24/7. Bubba got up with me at 3 AM (when I start working) I fed him a 3rd teaspoon of probiotics with the cottage cheese and dog food at 3 AM, again at 8 AM and again at noon hour. Bubba had his first normal poop in 6 weeks the afternoon of March 23rd at 2 PM (no more splashing off the ground).

Bubba still had occasional diarrhea and loose stools during the next week, but he was still having 1 good poop every 2 days. When I was at Pet Wise Linda had given me a sample of dog food to try Bubba so I mixed it with his cottage cheese and probiotics (good poop again). We changed dog food from Costco’s Lamb and Rice .

It is now just over 1 month since my first visit to Pet Wise we are on our second bag of food and have purchased another 2 bottles of HealthyPet.Solutions Probiotic Digestive Aid and Bubba has gained about 12 pounds.

If I could not have gotten the diarrhea stopped I would have had Bubba put to sleep before I watched him fade away in front of me.

Thank-you Linda & Pet Wise Pet Supplies for having enough smarts to sell the HealthyPet.Solutions Probiotic Digestive Aid. I believe you helped me save Bubba. Thank-you. As you can imagine I am very ecstatic. Thank-you very, very, much. I will remain a loyal customer.

Kelly Flaming



We love C+mplete!

At our 1st visit at a new holistic veterinarian, the vet noticed that my dog didn't have any hair on his belly and recommended a thyroid booster. Butterbean is an 8 year old pitbull who almost died from demodectic mange when he was a baby (my vet rescued him from his former owner) so he has never had alot of hair, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to look for something. On the HealthyPet.Solutions display at Pets 1st in Evansville, IN I noticed that C+mplete was listed as being good for hypo-thyroid and chewing paws, and also has probiotics, so we tried it. Within a few months Butterbean was growing fuzzy hair on his chest and belly! I added in All+rgy before spring started and we still haven't seen any allergies this summer. I love these products and highly recommend using natural supplements instead of drugs when that can work! Thanks so much!

Debbie McCarty
Evansville, IN, USA



Hello HealthyPet.Solutions

Zack my Basset Hound came to me from an American Breeder, who fed him Dog Chow his whole life. He was 4 years old when I bought him. He was skin and bones and had digestive issues, I switched to Nutro Natural Choice For Sensitive Stomachs. He threw up every day whilst eating that one. Next came Call of the Wild. Zack's hair fell out. I then, tried Canidae Lamb and Rice. All was well until Canidae changed the formula, the packaging, the price and the availability. I moved on to HealthyPet.Solutions Lamb and Rice, Zack is now 9 years old and thriving. He loves his food. Thank you HealthyPet.Solutions!

Laurie Magorel
Winnipeg, MB Canada



Hello HealthyPet.Solutions

I have a shar pei puppy with no real health problems and want to keep her that way. I am a groomer and have been in both showing and working dogs for years. It is hard to find a dog food company that you can trust...I feel that I have finally found one in you. Thanks to the Petfood Peddler in Loganville, Ga. and to the owner, Michael Cragin, I bought my first bag of the HealthyPet.Solutions Chicken, Rice, and Veggies today. All I can say is that both my pei and my 14 year old snoodle picked it out and left their old food....that says something. I will keep you posted in a few weeks. Thanks again to you and to Michael Cragin.

Becky B. Albright
Loganville, GA. USA



Hello HealthyPet.Solutions

Thank you so much for donating the HealthyPet.Solutions dog food to Share the Love. I can't tell you how happy the SGSR family is with the quality and nutritional value of all the food and supplements. The grain free food was particularly exciting as it doesn't have any chicken in the ingredient list! SGSR has quite a few rescue dogs that are allergic to both chicken and grain and ensuring they get proper nutrition can be extremely costly. Your food will supply all of our Virginia and North Carolina foster homes for the next 2-3 months and I sincerly hope Scott can continue providing HealthyPet.Solutions to rescues.

Southeast German Shepherd Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with pods operating in North Carolina and Virginia. We are committed to assisting German Shepherd Dog (GSD) rescue efforts throughout the Southeast and one of our goals is to expand our foster networks throughout the southeast. SGSR's mission is to RESCUE displaced, neglected, or unwanted GSDs; REHAB them with proper medical care, nourishment, and socialization; and REHOME them into caring and responsible forever homes where they are able to thrive as alert, loving, and loyal family members.

In our first year of operation our volunteers rescued 145 German Shepherds throughout the southeast. One of our rescues is currently in training as a Service dog and others are being trained as therapy dogs, agility dogs, and family pets. In just the last month our volunteers have saved 34 dogs and we are on track to rescue over 250 dogs in our 2011-2012 year.

Once again thank you so much for your donation to Share the Love. Without companies like HealthyPet.Solutions our rescue wouldn't be able to provide the quality nutrition to our rescue dogs. Please let us know if you need any additional information.

With great enthusiasm,
Diana Hauser
SGSR - President



Hello HealthyPet.Solutions

I am Program Director for Kitty City, a rescue center for cats and kittens in Concord, NC. We are a placement option for abandoned and fully vetted kittens in Cabarrus County, NC. We currently house 72 kittens and 21 adult cats. We pride ourselves on operating an innovative learning center/adoption center/community resource center and we place around 400 cats per year. We were so pleased when Scott offered to share HealthyPet.Solutions food with us. After researching it, I was convinced that we made the correct decision in switching all our cats and kittens strictly to this diet. Most of our felines come to us with poor nutrition histories. Kittens are so susceptible to diarrhea and stress issues. I think that this high quality food is making a definite difference in the health and growth of our little guys this year.

Thank you for making it possible for Scott to share this bounty with us.

Patsy Beeker
President, Cabarrus CARES
Program Director, Kitty City, a Project of Cabarrus CARES



Hello HealthyPet.Solutions

We just wanted to take a moment and say **THANK YOU** to you and the HealthyPet.Solutions team for supporting Share the Love in North Carolina!

Our rescue has benefited greatly from the Share the Love pet food bank over the last 16 months with our first steady source of food ever. The Share the Love resources lessen the burden on our foster homes, and we all appreciate it very much. It’s also a terrific bonus to have such premium quality kibble and supplements for our foster dogs. Thanks again for supporting Scott and Steve’s mission at Share the Love!

Wags and Woofs!
Alaskan Malamute Rescue of NC
an all-volunteer, donation supported organization serving NC & SC



Hello HealthyPet.Solutions

Thank you so much for the large donation of food to Share the Love. Many rescue groups in North Carolina are currently benefiting from this donation. I currently have 17 foster dogs, 2 foster cats and many feral cats on my 12 acres and they are loving the food. I am thrilled with the supplements since they will help boost the health of some of the dogs that I have gotten from pretty bad conditions. I currently have one nursing mom and 6 four day old pups. Mom is on the booster supplement as well as the food. She and the pups are doing great. I have one foster cat that seem to throw up all the foods we give her but so far she has not thrown up in a week and she has been on the HealthyPet.Solutions Chicken & Rice.

We are a small rescue group and in this terrible economic times we struggle with donations. So this food was really needed and appreciated.

Thanks from Trinity, Radar, Smitty, Trixie, Cassie, Mary, Tigger, Nestle, Dan, Jake, Lulu (momma dog) and her six unnamed pups, Brownie and Scamper (all my foster) and my feral cats.

Becky Drillings
S.A.F.E. Animal Haven



Hello HealthyPet.Solutions

I rescued a dog that always had constant ear infections and chewed herself to near death. Spending loads of money, vet trip after vet trip. I decided to switch vets and finally was asked what I was feeding my pets. Once I found out that Koko (3 yr old elkhound mix) was allergic to wheat I switched to HealthyPet.Solutions. Her ear infections cleared up within 2 weeks and she stopped itching! It was a miracle. Since then I have looked into natural foods and compared them to grocery brand dog foods. The difference is amazing! Why would people feed their animals preservatives, animal by-product and sodium? When you can feed free range meats, vegetables and fruits loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. Now that I know the difference I will never switch back! I now have two rescue dogs. And both are very happy and healthy on HealthyPet.Solutions!

Thanks for making a good pet food that owners can be proud to feed their animals! Remember You are what you eat!

Amanda Lowe



Hello HealthyPet.Solutions

I have three dogs (9 yr old Golden retriever and two red-nose pitbulls 4yrs and 2yrs), two of which have only eaten HealthyPet.Solutions since their entry into my home. walking in the neighborhood, most people comment on how happy and well taken care of the dogs are. An eco household that supports local (yeh, Canadian product!) and looks for the most natural product, the all stages food is a bonus. As long as the youngest eats your food, Kilo has no problems with his stomach. I and the dogs thank you for making such a great food available.

Janet Mrenica



Hello HealthyPet.Solutions

My very healthy 16 month old lab is eating your food and it is the only thing I will feed him now. He has no health issues and never did however, when we brought him home at 8 weeks old he had loose BM's. I tried several different types of dog foods from medium priced to very expensive and found he that he did best on lamb but his stool continued to be loose. I finally went to Global Pets and the owner recomended your dog food because it contains no chicken by products and no corn, wheat etc. Immediately my dogs stool consistency improved. He loves the food we don't mind cleaning up his mess any more. The Lamb and Brown Rice is by far the best food I have fed him.

Helix and I thank you for making such a great food.

Andrea Semper



Hello HealthyPet.Solutions

My 4 year old Shitsu/Bishon cross Harley was plagued with a simple ear infection every time you turn around so to speak.

I started feeding him HealthyPet.Solutions almost a year ago. He has not had an ear infection since.

I also feed my Chiuaua Meakah and my cat Summer HealthyPet.Solutions... Thanks for great Canadian Pet food.

Sandi Foster



Hello HealthyPet.Solutions

Both my cats (1 senior and 1 junior) have been eating this food since the death of many pets was attibuted to Menu foods because of China's carelessness by using an ingredient which is used for fertilizer.

I will not feed my cats anything else and it is absolutely wonderful that HealthyPet.Solutions is a Canadian company and I hope it stays this way for many years to come.

This company also has exceptional customer service when calling the company for product information. Friendly and very helpful.

Sue Chorko



Hello HealthyPet.Solutions

We have a wonderful chocolate lab named Maddie who will be 9 this February. She has suffered from hot spots, infected eyes, fungus in her ears, loss of hair and constant itching. Then she started having large wart-like growths. We have had her on anti-fungals, antibiotics and steroids since she was a puppy. On the last trip to the vet they thought that it might be her thyroid causing all the problems and weren't sure what the cause of the new growths were. Then we found your food. It took about a month, but she is an entirely different dog. Her ears are completely clear, no more hot spots, the growths aren't growing and her fur is growing back and is rich and brown and the skin inside her mouth is a darker red. Poor Maddie had spent her life itchy and all because of her food. She is on the lamb and rice formula to remove all chicken and corn from her diet. Thank you for making such a great food.

Thank You,
Donna Collins



Hello HealthyPet.Solutions

Two years ago we moved to a smaller town where we were unable to find our 'old' dogfood. Luckily our local heathfood store carried HealthyPet.Solutions. I brought a small bag home for my 3 large dogs to try. As soon as I got in the house the dogs were sniffing at the bag like crazy so I fed them some by hand. They immediately loved it. I have a 16 year old lab who suffered from dry skin and arthritis. The dry skin problem has disappeared and his arthritis improved. My Australian Shepherd used to get bladder stones a couple times a year but hasn't had one since switching her food. Our newest addition to the family, a Border Collie, has been on HealthyPet.Solutions his whole life now and is the happiest and healthiest dog I've ever known. We took our dogs to a groomer recently who commented that as soon as he looked at our dogs coats he knew we fed them a high quality food. As for the human side, I love feeding my dogs a Canadian product and one where I understand all the ingredients on the label.

Thank You,
Sarah Simison



Hello HealthyPet.Solutions

Hi there and a huge thank you on behalf of my dog Tigger. Tigger was having real issues with other dog food. He suffered loose bowel motions. Tigger is very food oriented and it got to the stage he would rather walk away from his meals than eat.

I desperation I went to a super market and "broke down" to buying a supermarket dog food...How wrong I was. Tigger Loved his HealthyPet.Solutions Lamb and Rice. I was very impressed with the ingredients and how well Tigger is doing on this food. Huge Thank you to HealthyPet.Solutions!

Tania Hughes



Hello HealthyPet.Solutions

One of our beloved cats who is now 11 years old had arthritis. She would be afraid to even jump on beds because of discomfort and pain in her joints. I have done some research and found out that cats, being carnivorous animals should not eat grains. I have switched both our cats to your grain-free food and both cats are doing great. Noel, the cat that had arthritis, has now lost weight, her coat is shinier, she grooms herself more often and she runs and jumps on furniture like she used to do when she was a kitten. She is also more alert, she seams happier and more playfull. Most importantly, she does not cry in pain when we touch her paws as she used to.




Dear HealthyPet.Solutions

I am writing to thank you for making such a great dog food – I wish I had found it sooner! My 6 year old sheltie “Tartan” was plagued with a series of bladder infections which began soon after I got her at 8 weeks old. Before she was 2 years old, she was on penicillin 8 times for these infections, but they just kept coming back. My vet said they were likely caused by her food and put her on a prescription dog food.

This helped some, but she still got the occasional infection. I also noticed her coat was dull and she had little energy, but I figured it was a trade-off for the reduction in her bladder problems. When I discovered your food 8 months ago, I was skeptical because any change in food had always given Tartan problems. But I decided to give it a try.

I wish I had found your dog food long before I did, because Tartan has had no further infections, her urine tests came back completely normal for the first time, and her coat (and the coats of our other dogs) look and feel beautiful and they are all more energetic!  Keep up the good work.

D. Matthews



Dear HealthyPet.Solutions

The fact that “HealthyPet.Solutions” was made with wholesome ingredients, no preservatives and in small batches was the reason I agreed to try it on my Great Danes.

An overall improvement in their health and skin condition is why, three years later, they are still eating it.

Chronic problems of crusty nose, cracked skin on elbows and pads, dander, hot spots and constant uncontrollable shedding have been eliminated.

Their eyes and coats are shiny; the skin is soft and supple and shedding is minimal. People are always commenting on their appearance and ask” What do you feed them”. Our answer is “ All – Canadian HealthyPet.Solutions”!

Susan Tyler
Toronto, Ontario



Dear HealthyPet.Solutions

I wanted to write you about how much my cats *ENJOY* your all life stages feline formula.

My cat, Dimes, is a very fussy eater. Well, when I first bought this food home, I couldn’t keep it in stock! I was afraid I was going to have to stop feeding it to him he loved it so much! Eventually he realized this was his new staple, and he settled in to a normal feeding routine.

My parent cats, Cleo, lived just down the road. He would come visit and his first stop would be to the cat food. I didn’t find this unusual until I recently moved back in with my parents. Cleo, who is nearly 14 years old and has been eating the same food most of his life, refuses to eat his own food and will now only eat your food.

Even if I wanted to, (which I definitely don’t - I’ve seen definite health improvements in Dimes, who has a heart murmur) I don’t think I’d be able to stop feeding them your food!

Yours Truly,
Sarah Carr

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With over 25 years’ experience, we understand how you feel about your pets, because we feel the same way. “Your pets, like ours, are family."  In today’s marketplace there are hundreds of brands to choose from, but HealthyPet.Solutions is more than a pretty package with marketing promises, we guarantee what we sell. Being the first Canadian company to produce pet food with a natural, holistic approach in mind. We are the pioneers who forced other brands to do better. We support all feeding options whether you choose kibble, home-cooked or raw. No matter what you choose, we have a product which will enhance or sustain your current pet nutrition plan, as well as offer alternative selections.
HealthyPet.Solutions commitment to uncompromising quality means you can count on serving your pet the most healthy, nutritious foods available. We use only top-quality, natural ingredients - absolutely no chemicals, animal by-products, added salt, added sugar, artificial colourings or flavours, fillers or binders. Check out the nutritional values and ingredient lists on our website and we're confident you'll decide your pet deserves the quality and goodness of HealthyPet.Solutions

“Because if we can't eat it, why should our pets?"

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Quality Control, assurances for your family

Quality control has many levels, from sourcing the best ingredients to independent testing.
These controls are put into place to ensure our products live up to our promise of uncompromised commitment to provide the best for your pets. We strive to give our customers the highest level of comfort and trust in our brand HealthyPet.Solutions... More than just pet food.

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